Market Twinkles

How to market your new service.

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Use our free posters and flyers 

You'll find free marketing material and gift cards in our Webshop. Put the poster on the wall and the product leaflets in the waiting room. Offer Gift Cards. Pictures of the collection, printable and for your web is available here. Please adhere to our copyright policy. 

Profit from our volume discounts

A purchase value of more than USD 89 will automatically put you in our reseller VIP group  This will qualify you for a  minimum of 15% discount on all future purchases.

Let your Hygienist have the fun!

WSDHA has concluded that bonding Twinkles is not a procedure altering the stucture of the tooth. Therefore this is a procedure that can be performed by a dental hygienist.

Let your patients find you on our map

To be listed on our map you need to send us an email to a ctively agree and confirm your clinics location.

Mention Twinkles on your social media

Does your clinic have an Instagram or FB acount?

1. Take a foto of your smiling patient. Make sure your client agrees. 
2. Tag your picture @twinklesdentaljewelry (This allows us to repost) .
3. Post it to your stories.
4. We will add this to our stories and share in your area. 

Describe your new service in your cover letter, include a picture of our logo and the star with diamond and a link to your website for more information of this “exclusive, fun and reversible fashion”.

Make special offers.

Offers connected with the product could be free bonding, discount in connection with checkup/cleaning, etc. A RDH can perform the procedure and thus further increase the profitability. There is a group of young patients who avoid yearly check-ups for different reasons. One way to attract them is to offer free bonding of dental jewelry in connection with check-up.
Explain the procedure on your website and add more pictures of the Twinkles design. We can supply the pictures and the text that will fit your design. There are a number of ways to spread the word about Twinkles. 

Guarantee your work?

The gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. A bonding procedure using etch, bond and flow would last several years, or until polished off. We recommend clinics to give a 6 month warranty on their work to secure client satisfaction. We guarantee the diamond setting for three years.

Crystals have no guarantee, and the recommended guarantee for the crystals is 3 months.

Wear your Twinkles!